Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garden Portraits and Outdoor Wednesday~

Those of you who know me from BB (Before Blogging) also know that I am an avid gardener and a clematis addict. I have over 100 clematis in my garden and each new bloom lifts my heart!

For this week's Outdoor Wednesday I would like to pay a little homage to the clematis that have bloomed so far this spring. I will show you more as they bloom :) Thank you, Susan, at A Southern Daydreamer for hosting Outdoor Wednesday! Please visit Susan's blog for more wonderful outdoor posts!

The first clematis to bloom this year was an atragene clematis named 'Frankie'.

Next was Wada's Primrose, an ELF (early flowering variety - as are the rest):

Then, Miss Bateman. I love her long 'eyelashes'!

Recently, Blue Light has begun to bloom:

And also, Teshio:

If you'd like to know more about clematis and all the named varieties, please visit Clematis on the Web. A wonderful site from England!


  1. You had me with the clematis, but all of these blooms are truly lovely. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. oh yes, BB! Glad you added the "before blogging," LOL!

    I love the clematis, especially Miss Bateman! but all so pretty!

  3. Hello! Your Clematis are beautiful! What stunning colors. Thank you for sharing with us.:)

  4. Love you clematis. I love the purple ones -- they are such a pretty purple color.

  5. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Susan! I would love to have more clematis in my yard! I think I only have TWO!
    Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  6. Way ahead of me on the clems this yr!

    My Bluebirds were eaten to the soil:( They were my little show..w/ Markhams Pink.Gratefully the bunny must have been full.
    Love seeing your gardens..We learned together..didn't we? You went to the head of the class..I am waving at the back:) Beautiful Nana2B.

  7. Your gardens are beautiful.Beautiful photography! I love your gourmet food photos . You are so very talented!

  8. Gorgeous photos, Susan ... Miss Bateman with her long "eyelashes" is a beauty. I clicked on each photo to see the detail ... Simply beautiful. I noticed the beautiful red on Miss Bateman.

  9. Susan, they are just beautiful. Wow!!!! Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  10. Your photos are breathtaking. The clematis are just beautiful. A perfect flower to share on Outdoor Wednesday.

  11. What wonderful blooms!!! Truely lovely!!! Thanks for sharing these!!!

    Have a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday!!!

  12. Susan,
    I have been thinking about planting clematis, but need to get something it can cling to. After seeing your amazing display I believe a trip to the nursery is in order.

  13. Thank you all for your kind comments! You'll probably get sick of seeing them by the end of summer :)

    Oh no, Monique! Bad Bunnies!

  14. Oh my. Clematis. I want some so bad but the hubby is anti clematis. How can anyone not like these gorgeous beauties? I love yours. So so pretty. Thanks for sharing your pretty photos.


  15. OK. That does it. I'm getting some clematis!
    That is beautiful!

  16. They are all beautiful! I am so looking forward to the ones I planted last year to grow and thrive. Another addiction!
    BB, yes, BLUE skies existed, but we didn't run for the camera and think ..that would be a great post!
    I only wish I knew the names of mine..should they grow, ie! You are just so smart!

  17. Susan, your clematis are beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing all 100 this blooming season! You are probably the inspiration on why I am constantly adding them ;)

    Gorgeous photos - they really highlight the beauty of the blossoms.

  18. I can't believe, as much as I love to garden, that I have yet to get the beautiful clematis vine! Gorgeous!

  19. Susan - 100 clematis is amazing, I struggle this year with 4! I've learned alot from the Clematis Web, especially the different groups.

    Yes, it was a whole different world before BB ...

  20. Susan,

    It sounds like you will be the person I will be turning to this summer for advice!! I planted clematis for the 1st time on an arbor at my lake house last summer. Last week I saw it and it is halfway up both sides and I have buds! YIPEE!!! I don't think I kept the tags so I don't know the variety. But if I have a problem, I know who to call now!!

    Oh, in my exuberance, I forgot to say all of your clamatis are just gorgeous! :-)


  21. Susan, I had one clematis until I learned more about them from you :-) I love your choices of clematis, so different than the ones I have. I think I am up to 12 :-)

    Great post!


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