Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Romantic Cocktails for Two....April Fool!

April Fool!

My 'cocktail' above was made by peeling large radishes, leaving some of the red 'skin' for the veins. Scoop out a hole at the root end with a very small melon ball cutter and insert a pimento-stuffed olive. Freeze the 'eyeballs' in an ice cube tray or, like me, use a mini tart pan filled with water around the radishes. When frozen, float in a 'cocktail' of tomato or V8 juice, vodka optional ;) I found the idea here. These would be fun to make for a Halloween party also!

More interesting facts on the history of April Fools' Day can be found by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed our April Fools' food fun!


  1. Happy April Fool's, Susan! Love the youTube! Very cool aquarium! hey, by the way, did you eat it? I'd have definitely had the bulgy eyes cocktail!

    Really fun post!

  2. What fun ideas for your April Fool's post! I made those aquariums years ago when my kiddies were young too ;) The cocktail is too funny, I think I would need the vodka in it to down it with those eyes looking at me.

  3. Those eyeballs look like what people get when they have TOO many cocktails!

    Too funny, Susan, and the fish too.
    I never did drink the goldfish. I can't even stand regular fish! :)

    Fun post..Happy April! We made it through another winter

  4. Love the eyeball cocktail. Very clever.

  5. Brilliant Susan!! Love the "Cocktails for Two"...and the eyeballs were so good you are beginning to scare me!

    The aquarium was another very clever idea..I missed tht site for some reason, I will hve to bookmark it for Halloween!

  6. Susan, I love both of your prank foods. I'm "sugared" out right now so the cocktail if very appealing.

    And the Swedish fish in the jello is fabulous. Addi would love that one.

    Susan, before you know it you'll be doing these with a little one.

  7. Susan... wow, you did a fantastic April Fool's! They both look super.

  8. Spooky! I see that you will be a FUN nana too!!!!!


  9. Susan, I love your post! What really fun ideas for both April Fools and Halloween.

    Love the Youtube too :-)

  10. Ohhhh Susan I love both of your April Fools foods!! I hadn't ever seen the eyeballs done like that before. I think they would be great for Halloween too! Cute! I did see the aquarium and debates doing it as well. Imagine how much kids would love this! Did you eat it???? I love blue, but blue food is just unnatural :-) I'll never forget what used to happen to my nephew when he would eat blue cereal.........


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