Friday, June 25, 2010

Arugula, Cannellini Bean and Red Onion Salad

Last month, I won a beautiful bottle of Moroccan extra virgin olive oil and 10-year-aged balsamic vinegar from Black Star Gourmet foods and given away by Rebecca at Chow and Chatter.  Rebecca has been busy traveling this past month and keeping us posted on all the beautiful sights she is seeing during her travels to England and Turkey.

I wanted to wait until Rebecca returned home to post a recipe using her gracious gift. I also knew I wanted to prepare a dish where this special oil and vinegar would be showcased.

That dish was an Arugula, Cannelini Bean and Red Onion Salad.

Peppery arugula picked right from my garden, sliver-thin sliced red onion and cannelini beans are tossed with a vinaigrette made with the first cold press Moroccan extra virgin olive oil and 10-year old, aged balsamic vinegar, chopped basil, salt and lots of freshly ground black pepper. It was a delicious salad!  I tasted both the oil and vinegar before tossing them together and the flavors were wonderful.

Thank you again, Rebecca and Black Star Gourmet food for the wonderful gift!

Arugula, Cannelini Bean and Red Onion Salad
Recipe adapted from The Food Network and Dave Lieberman
Printable Recipe

2 Servings

1 (15-ounce) can cannellini beans
1/3 cup red onion, thinly sliced
1 bunch arugula, thick stems removed, washed and dried
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/8 cup balsamic vinegar
About 10 washed basil leaves, roughly chopped
1/2 teaspoon salt
Freshly Ground Black pepper to taste

Strain and rinse the beans under cold water. Drain thoroughly and place into a serving bowl. Toss the beans with the red onion and arugula.

Shake the olive oil, vinegar, chopped basil, salt and pepper in a jar with a lid until the salt has dissolved. Pour the dressing over the salad and toss .

This salad tastes best if made an hour before you plan on serving it tossing several times. Just before serving, season with additional salt and pepper, if desired.


  1. Lovely! I love a salad like this in the summer!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. This sounds fabulous, I love incorporating beans into my meals-enjoy!

  3. Lucky on all counts, a terrific win and being able to pick arugula right from the garden! The salad and the gifts all look delicious! Congrats on your win! What a super giveaway!

  4. Sounds so good! Congratulations on your win!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. This salad is SO fitting to pair with the balsamic. It's slow food, exactly the type that is most celebrated in Italy. Home-grown arugula, delicious beans. My stomach is happy just thinking about it.

  6. Congrats n your win - the 10 year old balsamic vinegar would be extra wonderful!

    Salad looks delicious - and for me easy to put together!

  7. Well aged oil and vinegar are like that expensice perfume you keep for high days and holidays....this is definitely a salad to use them with!

  8. Your salad sounds so delicious...I like simple salads with all the best ingredients!!

  9. Simple and delicious... I love that olive oil bottle. It is really beautiful. How cool is that to walk outside to pick your arugula, how I miss my garden. Don't you think it has twice the flavor of store-bought??

  10. This looks like a wonderful refreshing salad! Isn't Rebecca the nicest person ever?

  11. Very refreshing salad, i like it!

  12. Such a delightful salad, and such gorgeous photos too! Pass the fork---I'm ready to eat ;)

  13. This looks awesome Susan. I have been into beans and greens lately myself. The oil and vinegar are such treasures. I know that you of anyone will put them to excellent use.

  14. Me again! Wished I had found a pot of glad! :-D
    Have a great week.

  15. I just found your blog and it is wonderful.
    I love the salad recipe-

    I'll be back,
    White Spray Paint

  16. You were so lucky to win that lovely oil and balsamic vinegar, and you've made a wonderful summer salad. I would love to be able to pick arugula in my garden.

  17. I'm always so happy to have new salad recipes. Summer is full upon us and a cool kitchen is appreciated. The oil and vinegar look delicious.


  18. This looks like a wonderful summer meal, Susan! Congratulations on winning such a wonderful prize!

  19. I am all over that fresh salad - without the onions, just can't stand onions!

    Way to let the ingredients shine!

  20. Congrats on your win and what a perfect application of the balsamic vinegar! I could eat arugula all day long, cannellini beans too for that matter! Will have to give this fabulous salad a try - thanks for sharing:)

  21. Congratulations on your win, Susan! It's such fun, isn't it? You were really sweet to wait until Rebecca was home to enjoy your posting.
    And I love how you've used your gift..with your garden fresh arugula and cannelini beans!

  22. Congrats on your winnings!
    Lovely salad!

  23. Yummm That's one of my favorite summer salads... Anything with arugula! We've been enjoying it with strawberries and feta!

  24. Love your salad which looks mouthwatering, healthy and is so beuatifully photographed.

  25. congrats on your win and what a wondeful treat you created with you prize, look perfect for a light lunch


  26. Susan, what a delicious looking salad and a healthy one too. I love red onion, arugula, and cannelini beans. Sounds like another tasty salad to add to my repertoire.

    Hope you and your entire family have a wonderful Fourth.

  27. The salad looks and sounds delicious! Congratulations on winning!

  28. This looks wonderful....I am always looking for new salad ideas. Have a wonderful day! Denise@cottagesisters

  29. Oh my, I am so happy I found your blog today! I'll be sure to come back! Great recipe and congratulations on your win!


  30. un ottimo piatto unico!!

    Ps: passo poco nei blog, in questo periodo è molto caldo e porto mia figlia al mare!!
    a presto!!ciao!

  31. You grew your own potatoes?! Amazing! I've been growing veggies in my garden but not potatoes, not yet. I hear you have buy organic starts otherwise they get diseased. Congrats.


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