Friday, March 26, 2010

Strawberry and Lemon Curd Aebleskivers

This post is inspired by the painting Strawberries by Renoir below. Since strawberry season has already arrived for some parts of the country and will arrive here in another couple of months, I thought I'd share this breakfast idea that I had that brings together the lemon and strawberries in the painting. Aebleskivers with lemon curd and strawberries!

I made Microwave Lemon Curd which you can find at the bottom of my post here. This a great recipe which was first shared on a cooking forum a few years ago. 

Here is my version of Renoir's still life:

If you have never made aebleskivers, they are light, fluffy pancake balls made in a special aebleskiver pan. They are traditionally filled with slices of apple sautéed in a mixture of butter and brown sugar.   This is what an aebleskiver pan looks like:

Don't worry if you don't have an aebleskiver pan.  You could add diced strawberries to regular pancakes, top them with a dollop of lemon curd and dust them with some sifted powdered sugar.   

Here is my recipe:

Aebleskivers with Strawberries and Lemon Curd
Printable Recipe

Makes about 28 aebleskiver

2 eggs
1 Tbsp. sugar
2 cups flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1-1/2 cups buttermilk or plain yogurt
Lemon curd - about 1/4 cup
5-6 fresh strawberries, diced

Prepare lemon curd with your favorite recipe, or the one found here. You can also find lemon curd at your grocery store.

Separate the eggs and beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form. Whisk egg yolks and sugar together until creamy. Sift together flour and baking powder and gradually stir flour and buttermilk, alternating with each 1/2-cup addition, into egg mixture. Gently fold beaten egg whites into batter.

Preheat aebleskiver pan over medium-high heat. Butter should sizzle on the surface. Place 1/8 tsp. butter into each well to grease, using a pastry brush to coat surface of wells entirely.

Spoon batter into each well, filling half-way using about 1-2 teaspoons of batter. Place about 1 teaspoon of lemon curd on top of the batter followed by a few diced strawberries. Then, spoon enough additional batter over to cover and fill well to the top. Allow to cook until the edges of each “pancake” begin to brown and pull away from the sides of the wells.

Flip pancakes over with two wooden skewers (or knitting needles) and cook through - about 2 minutes more.

Remove the aebleskiver to a plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar (if desired) to serve. Garnish with additional lemon curd and sliced strawberries.

This would be a wonderful for breakfast, brunch or even dessert!


  1. Love ebelskivers. Not liking to have special pans, an ebelskiver pan is like a madeline pan -- a must have!!!!

    Have not had them with lemon curd and strawberries but that sounds very good and I'll have to try it.

  2. I love ebelskivers! This combination sounds fabulous!!!

  3. I am sorry for sounding absolutely dumb here, but I never realized that you are an artist too. Now I am even more in awe of your creativity!!!

  4. We LOVE ebelskivers- I even teach them in classes! This is a wonderful, creative version I'll be trying next. Great idea!
    xoxo Pattie

  5. I must get one of those pans... they look so adorable and this recipe... how I love lemon curd and strawberries and dipping them in something thick and creamy... lovely recipe and I loved your recreation!!
    Megan must be very pleased with all the fabulous entries she is getting!

  6. Isn't Megan's blog great! It is definitely one of the most unique and well-written blogs out there. Not to mention the gorgeousness of all of her food.

    This is a great submission to the contest! I love ebelskeviers...they are like little bites of heaven, made even more so by the lemon curd and strawberries. Glorious.

  7. The last time you shared your A's..I thought I must get my pan you pan's still not out~

    Thanks for the reminder..This must be divine.

    Fun post..You are an artist..This would be so delightful for you.

  8. Love your rendition of the still life painting!
    You gave me another filling for the aebleskivers...can just imagine the fresh taste.

  9. Your recipe sounds amazing! Love about anything with lemon curd. Your art works are beautiful!

  10. Thank you, Martha, and I so agree!
    Kathleen, thank you!
    Nina - I do love to paint but just don't seem to set aside the time often enough. I need to turn the computer off first ;)
    Thank you, A&P! I wish you were closer so I could take your clasees!
    Lostpast, and Joanne, I loved this concept and had fun participating with you!
    Monique, you should get your pan out – they’re so much fun to make.
    Thanks, Mimi and Barb!

  11. You really captured the painting with your picture!! Your recipe sound great. I do have a pan and have made them before. I will be trying your recipe soon:)

  12. I'm 50% danish and we always have abelskivers! they are soooo yummy!
    Just found your blog and I'm so excited I did!
    -Mini B

  13. aebleskivers. Haven't had them since I visited Solvang, CA years ago. My tastebuds are getting a workout thinking about them with your lemon curd. Very nice.

  14. You did such a great job styling your own version of the Renoir, Susan! Simply lovely.

    I don't have an aebleskiver pan, so will attempt this without one. It looks delicious!! Hope mine taste half as good as yours look.

    And re your previous post: I copied it immediately. My kids will love it!

  15. Ooh, my Cauldron Boy loves Aebleskivers. Yours look wonderful too...

  16. I remember seeing these pans at least 20 years ago and wanting to make them! How time flies! I nver did get around to making them but I am enjoying them now vicariously through your post; perfect pairing with Renoir I think!

  17. Thank you for your kind comment

  18. Thank you, Judy, Mini Baker, Kellypea, Barbara, Stella and Joumana.

    My continued condolences, Martha.

  19. I got my aebleskiver pan several years ago but I've only used it once for far. It was fun but I need to work on my coordination on turning the little stinkers!

  20. Yummmmm! I may be adding that to my easter dinner menu!

  21. They look delicious, Susan. I have to dig mine out again now that the strawberries finally look decent.

  22. how beautiful..I love your delish!!


  23. This looks like a luscious and refreshing version of aebleskiver! I love the soft texture of this pancake and it must be heavenly with the lemon curd! Great job!

  24. I have never heard of aebleskivers - they not so big in Africa - but I sure wish I could have a taste of yours - they looks so good.

  25. I love your Still Life, but love your ebelskivers more, they look fantastic and especially with lemon curd filling and strawberries, perfect combination!

  26. Oooh, love this. Brings back childhood memories for me. My aunt always made these :)

  27. Deliciously lovely! I'm heading over to Feasting on Art. What a nice concept!


  28. Yours is a WINNER! (at least in my opinion)

    Love the photo and your recipe sounds delicious.

    Thank you for linking to Megan Fizelle's blog Feasting on Art. It's lovely.

  29. Everything looks wonderful!! I've seen those before, but have never made them.

    Thanks for sharing!

  30. Susan, of course I am loving the Mackenzie Childs in the photo. I now have a craving for strawberries! Beautiful!

  31. Oh, Susan, those look so good! Nice job.

  32. Absolutely a lovely work of art. Wow.

  33. I am an ebelskiver fan. These look very tasty. I love the idea of lemon curd and berries with them, brilliant!

  34. Lovely re-creation of the painting! I've had strawberries and lemon curd on my mind lately, so this looks particularly delicious.

  35. Thank you for drawing my attention to Feasting on Art. I'm checking it out now. Lovely entry on your part too: pure deliciousness!

  36. I was introduced to Aebleskivers at a church function that is the big fundraiser of the year. We only make them at home on very special occassions, but I will keep your recipe and compare it to the one from the elderly ladies at church.

  37. This one is bookmarked! Your photo skills always blow me away~

  38. Oh these creations are so beautifully and artistically cute ...ur pics are gorgeously stunning....
    sparkly day to ya...


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