Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blooming Art - Part Two

The second part of my Art in Bloom tour at the Milwaukee Art Museum takes us to the galleries of Early European Art, 19th Century European Art, and American Art up to 1900.

This is Madonna and Child, painted around 1350 in Florence,Italy, which was at the very start of the great Black Plague in Europe. I like how the floral design incorporates the halos in the artwork...

Moses Presenting the Tablets of Law (French ca 1648)

Still Life with a Crab, Pieter Claesz (early 1600s)...

Look how the Gooseneck Loosestrife resembles the claws of the crab!

Corrado Giaquinto (1752) The triumph of Galatea...

Another favorite of mine, this design represents the suit of armour...

This was another favorite floral design interpreting Gustave Caillebotte's Boating on the Yerres (French, 1877) of the award winners of the show...

A floral interpretation of an Austrian settee circa 1815:

The Rivals (Little Kittens) 1885:

Tarbells' Three Sisters. I love this painting and I'm sorry I didn't get a decent shot of it and it's floral interpretation...

Lastly, here is one of my favorite art pieces in the museum called the Wood Gatherer (Pere Jacques), by French artist Jules Bastien-Lepage, 1881.

And, my loose floral interpretation of the piece :)

Hope you enjoyed my Art in Bloom tour!


  1. Oh..I missed yesterdays post obviously as this is the 2nd. Which makes me happy now because I have another beautiful post to look at after this one. What a neat exhibit. I love all of those you've shown in the post. And the paintings are all great. Is Pieter Claesz the Johnny Depp look a like? I like the Still Life with Crab floral interp a lot..but don't really want to pic a fav. Love them all. The 14th century Madonna and Child has me old yet so well preserved. Makes you wonder where it spent the ages. Thanks for taking us along Susan! And I LOVE your interpretaion. The filtered light is beautiful in both your works and the originals.

  2. The Madonna and Child is so beautiful, and the flower interpretation is gorgeous. Another fav is the Moses Presenting the Tablets of Law with the Calla Lillies floral arrangement.
    Without using flash your photos are fantastic...
    Super post - Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Thank you, Susan, for taking us along ... I keep clicking on the photos and see something different each time.

    Interesting how each designer chose different elements to interpret ... color, theme, subject. Some interpretations are so sublte and others definitely not.

    I love the Caillebotte painting and floral design ... even before I saw that it was an award winner. The different dimensions, glass blocks, colors and textures really compliment and are suggestive of the painting. The floral designer is quite the artist also.

    The Three Sisters piece is wonderful. I was unfamiliar with Tarbell, but googled him.

    Nice interpretation of "Le Père Jacques". :)

  4. That was amazing! I love the 3 sisters too..
    Thanks for the Art appreciation lesson, I needed some Culture today! :)

  5. Susan, I missed Part 1, but will be checking it out next. Is this an annual event?

    If I had to pick a favorite it would be difficult, but I keep going back to the floral design interpreting Gustave Caillebotte's Boating on the Yerres. Awesome!

    Thanks for taking us along. Truly fabulous.

  6. Susan, you've been busy... Wow, this is fantastic and I've really enjoyed it. Heading to part 1 now.

  7. I love YOUR interpretation! Thank you for the tour, both parts :) It's another great post!


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