Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cheese and Bacon Puffs ~

Today I'm sharing an 'oldie but goodie' appetizer recipe from my son-in-law's family called Cheese and Bacon Puffs. They are so simple to make and who doesn't love melted cheese and BACON!

They are ready to pop into the oven in no time and are sure to please the most die-hard football fans in your family.

Cheese and Bacon Puffs

Printable Recipe

1 loaf of thin-sliced bread, such as Pepperidge Farm
1/2 pound sharp cheddar cheese, grated or shredded
8-10 slices bacon
1/2 cup onion (I like to use green onions)
1 cup mayonnaise
3 ounce package thin sliced almonds (optional)
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon of sherry (optional)
salt and pepper
Dash of Tabasco (optional)

Remove the crusts from the bread and slice into fingers or squares.

Fry the bacon until crisp. Reserve 1 tablespoon bacon fat. Drain and crumble into small pieces. Chop the onion and the almonds until fine. Saute briefly in 1 T bacon fat until just golden. Cool slightly.

Mix together the cheese, bacon, onion and almonds with the mayonnaise, Worcestershire, salt and pepper and optional seasonings and spread rather thinly on the bread. Refrigerate or freeze until ready to bake. 

Preheat oven to 400F.

Place prepared bread on a parchment or silipat-lined baking sheet and bake at 400F for 10-12 minutes until bubbly.


Marsha said...

It all looks so wonderful and the red background just makes your photos pop!

Psst! I just watch the commercials too :-)

Schnitzel and the Trout said...

Creme de Colorado is a very favorite cookbook. I don't know if you have a newer edition, but mine has a copyright of 1987. Thanks for making me remember why I love this cookbook so much. Susan

Annie said...

Leftovers are the best part of cooking, IMHO! Everything looks wonderful, Susan, thanks for some new recipes!

La Table De Nana said...

So appetizing! You have mentioned that book to me before:)

It must be good!
I have those little plates..I love them!
I really should make an effort w/dishes..My light goes away

a quiet life said...

just was snooping around for any leftovers, even crumbs, any plates hanging around for me?

just wanted to thank you for a darling weekend, well let me say that twice darling since you double dipped us! you were super, bowl, as always!

Kathleen said...

I love all of it..send it over!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Thanks for visiting, Susan! I looked on your blog and see you lived in Wisconsin for a while!

Thanks Annie, and Monique!

Jain, thank you, and you are very welcome - it was so much fun!

Thank you Carol and Kathleen :) You'll have to come here if you want some, K!

Cathy said...

Cheese and Bacon - my two favorite food groups. If I made this I couldn't leave it alone. But I'm going to do it anyway.

Your photos stand out so beautifully against the red background. Love it.