Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Teeny Twice-Baked Potatoes, Ode to a Tuber - Part Three

Always on a quest to find the perfect potato side dish I found this one last year. Aren't they the cute? Perfect for a special dinner. The best part - they can be made a day or two ahead. You've probably seen the baby Yukon Gold potatoes in the produce section next to the regular potatoes.  That is what I used here.

I found the recipe on this lovely blog, Baking Obsession. Although classified as an hors d'ouevre there, I thought they made a lovely presentation in groups of 3 on a dinner plate with the entrée and side dish. I served them with a grilled steak. Be sure you have more handy - you're guests will ask for seconds!

A little more potato trivia for you :)

Tiny Twice-Baked Potatoes

Adapted from Baking Obsession

Makes about 24

About 24-26 Yukon Gold or red potatoes, each about 2 inches across
2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
2 tsp chopped fresh thyme
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 oz pancetta, finely chopped and cooked until crispy, then drained on paper towels
6 tbsp thinly sliced fresh chives
¾ cup sour cream
½ cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano

Center an oven rack and preheat the oven to 425 F. Put the potatoes on a large baking sheet and toss with the olive oil. Sprinkle with 1 tsp of the thyme, 1 tsp salt, ½ tsp pepper, and toss again. Bake the potatoes until they feel tender when pierced with a skewer, about 25 minutes. Remove from the oven and let rest until cool enough to handle, about 10 minutes. If not working ahead, increase the oven temperature to 450 F.

Carefully hollow out each potato: Begin by slicing off the top; use a melon ball scooper or a small spoon to scoop out most of the flesh inside, transferring it to a medium bowl. Discard (or eat, they are tasty) the tops. Mash the potatoes flesh with a masher or a fork, then combine it with the pancetta , ¼ cup (4 tbsp) of the chives, the sour cream, the remaining 1 tsp thyme, ½ tsp salt, and ¼ tsp pepper. Season to taste with more salt and pepper.

Using a small spoon, fill the hollowed-out potatoes with this mixture mounding them slightly. Sprinkle with cheese.

Return the potatoes oven and bake until the filling is thoroughly heated, 8 to 10 minutes. Sprinkle with the remaining chives and serve.

Do-Ahead: These can be made up to two days in advance. Prepare and bake the first time. Cool, wrap and refrigerate the potatoes until you are ready to bake them the second time. Bring to room temperature before baking.


  1. aww these are so cute and they look delicious! Perfect for dinner parties.

  2. These are adorable. Would be a perfect addition to a superbowl party!! Perfect timing! Love your photos. And your blog.

  3. Your blog looks great, Susan, love the look! Those potatoes look amazing!

    The Today show weather guy just mentioned your weather, I am going to STOP complaining about NY then.

  4. Susan, What a cute idea - I'm always looking for something different also, and these seem to fit the bill perfectly!

  5. Yes, Susan, they are the cutest little things! ... Our daughter would love these.

    They sound relatively simple to make. ...I'd think that one could substitute bacon for the pancetta,

    Thanks for the potato link ... very informative. ... I'm looking to Ode to Tuber - Part Four.

  6. And the Irish gal thinks they are cute little taters!
    And yes, great for a dinner party ...I like things that can prepared ahead of time!

  7. your potatoes are so cute! thanks for all the extra now you know stuff too, little bits of trivia never hurt and will certainly pop in my daily conversations now! how is your pothole?


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