Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dining With My Feathered Friends

My family and friends aren't the only ones I like to keep well fed in the winter. I keep two bird feeders full for my feathered friends all year long. It's so important to keep their little bellies full on these bitter, cold days. One feeder is right outside my office window so I am rewarded with these visits. They brighten my day like flowers in the summer.

I think this Blue Jay was looking right at me when I took this:

Cardinals are so hard to capture because they are so timid. They usually like to sit high in the tree behind lots of branches and their eyesight is so keen, as soon as they see me get the camera, off they go. This couple was cooperative:

Sometimes, Mr. Cardinal even shares the feeder with the smaller birds. I like it when they are polite to each other :)


  1. You and Marsha have similar friends :) Great pictures!

  2. Super photos Susan! I think you and Marsha are rubbing off..I've added new bird feeders to my list for spring purchases! I haven't been filling them in the winter, so now I feel bad that I haven' year will be different!!

  3. Excellent photos Susan! You and Marsha have the patience and perfect timing to capture them so well. (I can't tell you how many times I snap, only to find an image of an empty birdfeeder or branch!) lol.

    I particularly like the opening photo, he IS looking right at you! I hope to see a cardinal in person some day. This is next best!

    BTW, I adore your new look! Your painting is stunning, and the warm colors are so inviting. It's always a pleasure to stop by. xo~m.

  4. Beautiful shots...
    Those Jays can be very nasty!
    I love cardinals....

  5. Oh my dear they are so cute!
    I think I should have bought my little zoom lens.I have regretted it:(

    Beautiful pics S.

  6. Thank you all! The nice aspect of taking these photos is the birds are literally right outside my home office window. I can be sitting at my computer working and just grab my camera and shoot. The photos aren't perfectly clear as I'm shooting through the window glass.

  7. How beautiful these birds are and you have photographed them beautifully! I do all my winter shots through the window too. How lucky you are to have the cardinals...I'm a little jealous ;-) Great shots and thank you for feeding our feathered friends!

  8. oh these are fantastic, i mean really wonderful! like i need to tell you this, all your pics are always stunning, but these look like they are your pets...

  9. How cute are all those little birds!! And your photos are so sharp and well-composed, Susan.

    I never cease to be amused when I see little birds all puffed out during winter.

    The expression of the jay in your first photo is priceless.

  10. You must feed your birdies better food that I do! I don't think our cards are as fat - but maybe you're a little colder than us in New Jersey and they fluff themselves out more :) I love your pictures and your new red theme and your painting is beautiful - so nice of you to share it all.

    Off to see Last Chance Harvey this afternoon!

  11. I love your new header! It is so Susan :-) Have you ever painted a cardinal?

    The cards are plump and stunningly beautiful. I guess I need to put a birdfeeder in front of my office window.

  12. Thank you, Marsha, Jain, Cynthia, Annie, Karyne and Debbie.

    I've never painted a bird, Debbie! Maybe I should change that ;)


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