Sunday, May 24, 2009

Strawberries with Zabaglione

On a recent vacation to visit dear friends in Georgia, we were served a delightful and refreshing dessert by our hostess. My friend had recently taken a cooking class from a local chef with the proceeds going to charity. One of the things she learned how to make was a wonderful zabaglione which she served over strawberries. This delicious custard-like dessert is known by many different names in many different countries and the wine or liqueur used can vary to compliment the type of fruit you use. This would be wonderful over pound cake too! It's a wonderfully versatile dessert sauce and I'm excited to try other variations this summer.

My friend and I have shared many recipes over the years (she and her husband used to be in our gourmet group before they moved to Georgia) and she was kind enough to share this one with me. It's such a simple recipe but it makes a big impression! We invited a few friends over for dessert last night and everyone loved it.

For this recipe, Grand Marnier was used and it is the perfect flavor to compliment strawberries.

My friend said the chef used a heat-resistant glass bowl over simmering water to thicken the egg yolks rather than using a traditional double boiler. That way, the zabaglione can cool in the same bowl in which it was prepared - I loved that idea - no additional pan to clean

Serves 8
Printable Recipe

6 egg yolks at room temperature
3/4 cup extra-fine sugar
1/4 cup Grand Marnier

1 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon sugar

Beat egg yolks until light in the top of a double boiler. Beat in 3/4 cup extra fine sugar and place over simmering water, stirring constantly until thickened, about 20 minutes. Remove from heat and beat until cool. Add Grand Marnier and refrigerate until chilled.

Whip cream just until it begins to thicken and then add 1 tablespoon sugar. Continue beating until cream is medium thick but will still pour. Fold into egg sauce and pour into a serving dish. Chill until serving time, or freeze.

Serve over fresh fruit.



  1. I love this dish -- and yes, I've not used my double boiler in "forever" -- I use a pan and a bowl all the time -- It's the best!

  2. It looks gorgeous Susan..I don't know if you remember the cooking class I took in Florida w/ the Crow's Nest chef? That was one of the desserts..Elegant and beautiful I agree..I love your presentation vessels:)

  3. mmmm, I love zabaglione! Looks delicious, Susan, beautiful presentation! Pretty glass. and of course you should have some dessert after puttering in the garden! When can we see the containers you planted?

  4. Fabulous, Susan ... each picture is delightful. Beautiful goblet .. love the bubbles in the stem. The zabaglione sounds delicious. It's good to seem some gorgeous reds on your blog. Pretty napkin!

  5. Just beautiful Susan@ I've never had zabaglione, but need to give it a whirl. I can do with with Marsala right?

  6. Thank you, Martha, Monique, Carol, Cynthia and Suzy! Even though I've had it before I had never tried making it myself either.

    Yes, you should be able to use Marsala just fine, Suzy, and I've even seen recipes on the 'net' that call for Marsala.

  7. Gorgeous presentation! Love zabaglione made with Marsala for tiramisu and it's wonderful with fresh blueberries.

  8. Looks wonderful! Now I can use the egg yolks I don't use for the egg white breakfasts..
    I guess my cosmo galsses would be too big?? the ones I used to serve the soup? It is probably very rich, so a small amount??
    So many questions, I know!

  9. Beautiful Susan! I have never heard of zabaglione before - so you are expanding my culinary knowledge!!
    Love your glasses - they make the dessert that much more appealing!

  10. Thank you Cindy, Kathleen and Barb! It sounds wonderful with the Marsala and blueberries!

    Kathleen, this would be a great use for those egg yolks. I went to your blog to try to remember how big those martini glasses were but I could find them. I would say to keep it on the smaller side ;) You want approx 3/4 cup of strawberries per person.

  11. this would be perfect for my next girl's night!

  12. What a beautiful presentation of what I am sure is a wonderful dessert. I would have to think of a different name as I don't think I can prounouce this one :)

    Gorgeous post!

  13. This is really pretty, even the glass.

  14. I am attempting this for a dinner I am invited to tonight. I dont have a stainless steel bowl, I am using a pyrex glass bowl over my pot like I always do instead of a "double boiler". Wish me luck!

    1. Good luck, Kalene! If that's your usual 'double boiler' method you should be fine.

  15. Every time I read or hear about zabaglione, I remember when my mother and I took a cooking course and we made this delightful creamy Italian custard! I must make it again! Lovely photos Susan!



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